Installation View, Under/Over, 2014, Human Resources LA, Los Angeles.
Photos: Joshua White

Tapestry X, 2013,
Cotton, dye, metal conduit, wire,
104 x 115 x 384 inches.
Commissioned by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Magenta, 2014,
Stack of Choreographic texts by Flora Wiegmann,
Ink on paper 

Razzle Dazzle, 2014,
Spandex, nylon, packing blankets, poly vinyl acetate,  
21 x 159 x 163 inches 

Razzle Dazzle detail, 2014,
Spandex, nylon, packing blankets, poly vinyl acetate, 
21 x 159 x 163 inches,

Loom for Minkowski, 2013,
Powder coated aluminum,
112 x 112 x 32 inches 

Purple Parallelogram, 2014,
Jute, natural dye, nails,
67 x 156 x 6 inches.

Krysten Cunningham and Michelle Shiu-lin Lai gave a free workshop entitled Coincidences in Space-Time, on June 7, 2014 at Human Resources in Los Angeles. The workshop explored the idea that even after one hundred years many of us still do not understand the Theory of Relativity, or the meaning of the curvature of space/time despite the theory’s profound effect on science and post-modern thinking. Cunningham’s inspiration for the workshop was the space-time model that Herman Minkowski devised in order to help the public visualize Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, in 1905. In the workshop, participants interacted with Cunningham's handmade props through a series of activities devised by Lai’s Butoh influenced methodology.

In correlation to the installation of Tapestry X Cunningham invited the artist and choreographer Flora Wiegmann to present a choreographic text, Magentawhich participants could follow at their own volition. A final performance with Flora Wiegmann and company was performed June 22, 2014. Claude Collins-Stracensky was invited to light the performance and costumes were designed by Nancy Stella Soto. Moving cameras: Erik Diener and John Dentino and tripod camera Courtesy of C. Nichols Project.