Informance at Swept Away curated by Warren Neidich and Anuradha Vikram at the Anneberg Beach House, Santa Monica, CA. April, 2023

Informance at Village Green, 2021

29 Palms, 2016
Documentation of an impromptu "performance" at the Best Western Gardens in 29 Palms. These performances are mostly a set of instructions where the participants are given the spandex props and a loose set of instructions. Issues of failure, discomfort, tension, connection, and participation in a mathematical equation are as much a tool for intimacy and understanding the boundaries of ones place as they are about being seen, performing and/or inhabiting an aesthetic space.

Otis College, 2017

Mt. Wilson, 2017

Washington Blvd. Parking Lot, 2017

Pitzer College, 2017

Pomona College, 2017

Hammer Museum, 2016