Exhibition Views of 3 to 4 at RitterZamet, London, 2010 

3 to 4, excerpt, 2010
Single Channel HD video with sound
duration 8 min

3 to 4 is a meditation on how we physically relate to paradigms of Cartesian space, digital space and the natural environment. The video records the passage of time. It takes place throughout a single day in which six dancers construct a sculpture from colored wooden rods. The red, green and blue rods depict digital color blocks, or pixels, that we view on LCD monitors and video projectors. The sculpture is also a Cartesian vector system. It replicates the XYZ axes that we use to locate objects in 3 dimensional space. The dancers pass the sculpture from hand to hand wearing RGB costumes that correspond to the colored XYZ axes, thus fusing into the color system as well as complicating it. The dancers are agents of binary and digital space, transfixed on the task of keeping the rods suspended. The choreography is based on how the body interprets ideas of left and right, orthogonal space, and foreign objects. Their collective activities suggest 4, or more, dimensions and our potential to explore this layered experience of space through our perceptions of color, movement, and social activity.